RSLogger PRO Industrial PoE


RSLogger PRO Industrial - the ultimate serial RS232 logger and hardware recorder. Ultra wide power supply range support:  MicorUSB, external 5.5-55VDC or Ethernet (PoE).

The RSLogger devices are powerful, compact RS-232 and serial bus loggers, packed with features like: Ethernet, WiFi and Virtual COM connectivity, PoE enabled. Unlimited data storage capacities with external USB Mass Storage intelligent data backup feature. Integrated WWW server and firmware update option makes it a flexible base for customized solutions. It's designed to avoid the SerialGhost weaknesses.

Include PoE power supply unit (24W)
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RSLogger PRO Industrial RS232 logger main features:

• 512 MB fast, industrial grade, internal FLASH ECC memory on board for data circular buffer

• asynchronous RS232, two channel (RX & TX) recording up to 230400 bps baud rate

OLED 128x64 display for actual device status

integrated WWW server for data download, settings and firmware update

• NTP client (network time protocol) to synchronize the on board time with LAN or remote NTP servers.

• all standard and customized baud rates support

• independent RS232 port settings (baud rate, etc) for each RX, TX channel

• simultaneous recording of RX/TX channels to one common or two separated output files

• external USB Mass Storage support (FAT32) with intelligent automatic data backups

• Virtual COM port on USB (FTDI chip standard, multiple OS support and SDK)

• Virtual COM Text Menu mode for settings and AT commands for data download & remote control.

• RS232 ports forwarding/splitting mode to Virtual COM (USB) or Ethernet TCP port (one port per each A, B channel) 

• Advanced Date&Time stamping (date as a file name, 1ms precision time stamps, rechargeable RTC backup battery, built-in smart recharge circuit)

• Always up-to-date with secure firmware update feature and back to the factory defaults option

• Micro USB connector for standard external 5 VDC power adapters or PC USB port

• Wide range of standard supply voltages accepted (5 - 55 VDC) trough external terminal power connectors

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled with industrial grade controller, fully supports IEEE 802.3af specification.

• ESD safe and EMI enhanced, compact, durable aluminum enclosure

• Detachable 6-way wire terminal bundled

• Optional universal PoE power supply (48VDC 0.5A) can be ordered separately

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RSLogger PRO Industrial

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RSLogger User Guide

RSLogger serial RS232 recorder User Guide, specifications and instructions PDF.

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