RSLogger Module ECO


RSLogger Module - the ultimate serial RS232 logger and hardware recorder, nextgen SerialGhost.

The RSLogger devices are powerful, compact RS-232 and serial bus loggers, packed with features like: Ethernet, WiFi and Virtual COM connectivity. Unlimited data storage capacities with external USB Mass Storage intelligent data backup feature. Firmware update option makes it a flexible base for customized solutions. It's designed to avoid the SerialGhost weaknesses.

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RSLogger Module ECO RS232 logger main features:

 Info: Eco version accepts 4.5 - 5.5 VDC power supply only (please refer to the Industrial version for up to 30VDC support)

• 512 MB fast internal FLASH ECC memory for data circular buffer

• asynchronous RS232, two channel (RX & TX) recording up to 230400 bps baud rate

• customized baud rates support

• independent RS232 port settings (baud rate, etc) for each RX, TX channel

• simultaneous recording of RX/TX channels to one common or two separated output files

• external USB Mass Storage support (FAT32) with intelligent automatic data backups

• Advanced Date&Time stamping (date as a file name, 1ms precision time stamps, rechargeable RTC backup battery, built-in smart recharge circuit)

• Always up-to-date with secure firmware update feature and back to the factory defaults option

• Two LED indicators.

• Ultra compact form factor: 25 x 22 x 12 mm

• Cut-off flange with mounting holes for easy integration

• Micro USB connector for standard external 5VDC power adapters or PC USB port

• Micro USB cable bundled

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RSLogger Module ECO

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RSLogger User Guide

RSLogger serial RS232 recorder User Guide, specifications and instructions PDF.

Download (1.27MB)